The Company is committed to provide its clients cost effective solutions in all areas of ship management. We have a team of highly professional, well experienced and dedicated staff in all our departments and take pride in our ability to satisfy our clients by offering them our best services. The Company’s expertise lies in its ability to offer its clients all the services required in a most cost effective way while always giving utmost importance to quality. Some of the areas in which our expertise stands out are :

  • We can, and are offering our clients a one stop solution in ship management where we take care of the entire ship management of their vessels (Technical & Crew Management). This way the owners can rest assured that their vessels are in safe hands and are being run efficiently.
  • We take a keen interest in studying the current market situation in the shipping business and can offer an informed advise to our clients.
  • We are well aware that in the current situation the need of the day is cost saving and in line with this requirement of our clients we can offer the services of our Officers & Ratings with the wages for Ratings starting at USD 350/- and contract periods ranging from 6 to 9 months resulting in fewer crew changes and thereby reduced expenses.

How we achieve this?

  • By inducting Multinational Officers and ratings from all over the world, specially from countries where the salaries are lower compared to the present market scenario, keeping in mind the requirement of our principals.
  • We do not compromise quality though, and maintain a pool of the above officers and ratings with good experience and good reports from their previous employers.
  • We have our testing procedures in place to check their competence, plus technical approval for each candidate is taken from our principals after they satisfy our benchmark of experience and knowledge.
  • We also have a pool of ratings, divided into various wage scales (ITF and Non-ITF)
  • Value added courses recommended for all joining staff as per vessel specific requirement.
  • Multicultural amalgamation orientation course developed in house in order that all onboard feel comfortable and respect each others cultures, reducing communication gaps and misunderstanding.
  • Senior officers/Engineers-trained additionally for

    a.Stress Management,
    b.Time Management
    c.PR skills
    d.Skillful delegation of duties
    e.Vessel resource management

At High Tide we are in the process of breeding a new lot of Sea Farers ready to go on board any type of vessels as per the owners requirement, and we work on a reverse budget method per the principals salary scale we propose various schemes in order to give the best sea going staff at your given wages and at the same time not compromise on quality or safety.