Hightide Ship Management Solutions.
Our Company has been dedicated towards easing the traditional approach towards managing ships since 1995. Our prime belief is performance at a highest standard for the most effective control over your assets. This belief stems from our ability to perform at the highest standard of management for a long period of time. 

We believe in long-term relationships with you, our client. Whether we provide you Total Ship management or selected services.

At Hightide ships, it is essentially the mutual trust and integrity that define our business acumen.

Certified as an ISO Quality 9001-2008 Management systems by the DNV, our services include:
Total Management of Ships – Personnel, Tugs & Barge Building.
Fleet Personnel Management – Recruitment, Training, Compensation

We envisage to offer the following services in the near future:
Technical Management: We will undertake complete Management of third party’s ship’s management. 

The package will include:

  • Pre – purchase & / or pre – management inspections.
  • Technical superindentencies.
  • Dry docking liaision& budget projection.
  • Arranging port captaincy.
  • Surveys – periodic & / or occasional.
  • Procuring of spares & stores.
  • Providing qualified workshops for the desired make of machineries.
  • Providing “Riding squad” with class approved welders / fitters.

Chartering :

Chartering involves crucial decision making and we guarantee to provide exceptional third party management with specialization. Reviewing terms and conditions to reasoning with the same and puting forward the best deal possible is our objective. Keeping in mind the voyage and trade to be carried out, not hampering with cargo deliveries and inevitably, sealing ideal freight rates. 

The owner-shipper equation is well analyzed for appropriate brokering and playing the role of a charterer; we identify and put forward a transparent working system. Our chartering lays a foundation for a profit making business for the major parties involved and setting future potential market. 

Offshore Vessel Chartering

Since inception, Hightide is involved in chartering vessels for transportation and operational requirements of clients Below is the list of vessels we primarily offer for chartering. Please contact us for other vessels required and to check availability for charter.

  • AHTS – Anchor handling tug vessels
  • OSV – Offshore Support Vessel
  • DP Vessels – Dynamic Positioning Vessel
  • ASD tug boats –
  • Barges –

Ship Demolitions :

Taking over demolishing of ships is a task that needs utmost attention to keep away from further repercussions and we leave no such qualms on that. Resulting either out of a situational fall out or in case of a needed demolition for recycling, we study and layout an organized direction for undertaking the same. 

Factors such as the location of the ship and accordingly undertaking demolition, arranging for a voyage to get the vessel to a suitable area and carrying out the same, and leaving it on our trusted crew with efficient resources are predominantly focused on. Our modus operandi includes carrying out the process smoothly without having to worry about any environmental endangers. 

Class Surveys :

Class Survey is the permission and required certificates of a vessel for use as a passenger ship or Cargo ship, tanker, tug, fishing boats, yachts or commercial vessel.

All Seagoing vessels are assigned to a specific class which defines their type of permitted use and determines which certification they must hold and specifies the inspection and survey regime required to comply with this certification. These classes are established and assigned by recognized classification societies that also approve surveys and inspections.

We make easier the very first step to be taken for any shipping activity by arranging for licenses and the needed permissions. These are required for smooth processions for trading of cargo and for the vessel itself; also as in many cases it would involve international pass ways. 

We clear all the hassles involved and handle its documentations. All of this is highly depended on the flag state involved and the kind of activity to be taken. 

Why Choose Hightideship :

We provide a myriad of ship management solutions under one roof and with more than 15 years of extensive ship management experience, we are relatively new have a new and younger approach towards our clients who find it refreshing to working with us.
Being present in Mumbai & Singapore two of the major Shipping Docks this side of the world we have a profound understanding of the shipping industry and will always use our knowledge to the benefit of the client whether it be in managing their vessel or advising them.
We own and independently manage other ship management related organizations to provide specified services based on a clients requirement.

Greentide Solutions– Focuses on Documentation tasks for ships and their seafarers and other licensing needs for any vessel.
Ensuring the ship’s captain’s master’s license or certificate, issued by the state licensing authority and if operating within “non-federal” waters for further clearance.
Calling for different types of licenses depends on specifying the maximum vessel size indicated as per gross tonnage and in what geographic areas the captain and crew can operate. Our work involves going through the kind of license the captain and crew holdto be able to carry operations accordingly worldwide. 

Prestige Ship Management Solutions(Singapore) – Focuses on hiring, recruitment and training of Seafarers of varied country origins.