Crew Management (Primary Service)

Having an expertise in crew management services, we deal with recruitingand training of seafarers, along with attending to their payroll management, development and taking responsibility for their performance evaluation.

We ensure the principal acquires the candidates with appropriate experience and the efficiency is minutely calculated with the SQE department being involved in the recruitment procedures. This, dependingon what is perceived in accordance to the ship being a liquid cargo or dry cargo carrier and the trading pattern of the vessel. 

Our sister concern Prestige Ship Management in Singaporespecializes in crew hiring not just of Indian origin but from East African, Indonesian, Chinese, Vietnamese and other origins as well.This proves beneficial to the owners as it is cost effective to a major extent without Safety or Quality being compromised.

Our services do not conclude with hiring of personnel. Shouldering responsibility of the seafarers’ welfare needs too is our priority. The option rests with the Principal’s requirements.